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Big-T & the Bada-Bings


Connecting You To A World That Swings
By Amy French-Merrill

This edition of Cyber*Kool origionally was featured in the Spring 1999 issue of ATOMIC Magazine.

The new sing movement may be a throw-back to a bygone era, but thanks to modern technology, the lindyhop will last into the new millennium. In the premiere installment of Cyber*Kool, we've included a round-up of websites that offer details on the dance scene, both locally and globally.
Billing itself as the "website for the hardcore hep-ccat swinger," this NYC-based site serves up swing-related information with style. Log on to get the lowdown on local clubs—reviews include the price of water, crowd skill level and attitude, and Yehoodi rating. Read feature articles and music reviews, peruse the calendar of events, or listen to audio recordings of interviews with bands, dance instructors and swing personalities. Also be sure to check out the photo callery, chat room, list of area dance classes, and links to other sites. Cool graphics and retro lingo make this site fun and informative.
Easy to navigate with nifty graphics, this Los Angeles-area site offers up lots of fun fare, including a long list of vintage stores in La-la Land, an up-to-date band and workshop calendar, and information on local classes. Be sure to check out the very cool photo essay on how to achieve hairstyles from the 1940s. This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times in 1998 and definitely merits a bookmark.
This is the archive of early lindyhop, with an emphasis on the origins of swin (including photos of the dancers and clubs of the past). Check out dancer biographies, classic film clip summaries, a rundown of the different styles of swing. The dance sop hawks instructional videos, Blyer shoes, retro-inspired T-shirts, and swing CDs. You can also connect to more than 60 national and international links.
Sending out the swing vibe to the greater Washington, DC area, Jitterbuzz is a solid retro source with news articles, interviews, and a social notice board. Frank and Carole's Lindy Hop Travel Guide fretures websites, venues, and vintage/antique shopping for 100+ cities nationwide. Cruise the top ten picks of the week for local events, view the photo gallery, or scan the archives for articles and reviews. It helps to visit when you're feeling melloe; this iste is slow to download.
Created by two swing dance instructors, this San Francisco-based site promotes lindyhop and East coast swing. Components include a schedule of dance lessons (including wedding and corporate event specials), Swing Kids! (a list of swingers in the West coast area), and Events. There is also a unique section devoted to dance sequences, and articles on hot to get past a learning plateau, dance etiquette, and jam sessions. On the negative side, the links are mostly to sites around the SF and NY area and are not too extensive, and the site is difficult to navigate and outdated. In addition, the text is often broken or runs over photos.
This San Diego-based site has a clean design, making it fast and easy to navigate. It's also chock full of great information. Peruse the news library (with headlines that go beyond the San Diego ares), reviews (with links to band and record label sites), and radio archives (with playlist and guest band schedule). Shop online for swing merchandise, bid on item in the online auction area, hang a while in the lounge chatroom, or follow the links to clubs and dance societies, venues, clothing sites, and personal homepages.
As a guide to the Chicago swing scene, this site incorporates interesting graphics, complete event listings and band schedules (Chicago and national), as well as a club calendar for Chicago and 15 other cities nationwide. Parts of the site are still under construction, but what is already ip is focused and fast, with lots of good links.

These two URLs comprise the electronic presence of the Northern Califormia Lindy Society. The old site at is currently being transformed into eSwing, a fun and punchy page that includes a national listing of workshops and dance events, as well as write-ups of bands and venues. But you still have to go to the old site for the extensive links list, which take you to sites in foreign lands, such as Hungary, England, Sweden, Mexico and Australia. The discussion rooms are surprisingly easy to navigate, considering the information is straddling two sites. The people behind the scenes are fully aware of th edifficulties involved with the transition and have included information on how problems will be fixed and tips on how to muddle through.
Despite the drab fleshtone wallpaper and uninspired text treatment, Raper's Swing Dance Corner is a prime resounce for siwng tips. The site includes a Who's Who in the world of swing, information on music, film and television events, and links to clubs and swing associations worldwide. You can also read about the origins of various swing styles and the differences between them. A few problems with broken text and limited dance listings are the only major drawbacks.

Okay, the URL is ridiculously long, so you're going ot have to bookmark this one. But definitely stop by the U.S. Swing Dance Server, an excellent source for links to dance sites all across the country. Although graphically uninspired, the clear text displayss lead you to pertinent information on events, clubs, dance styles, choreography,, competitions, videos, terminology, and essays on dance. You can even listen to musical audio clips or view a Quicktime movie of a Broadway show. The site was recently on the People's Choice Website 500 and was also named Best of the Web by
Also available in print form, 5-6-7-8 is a national directory fo social dance: swing, country, hustle, shag, line dance, ballroom, and sulsa. Ther e are lots of photosm a chat room, information on awards for various competitions, and nationwide listings of events, clubs and dance instructiors. (Th elistings are not divided by type of dance, which is a nuisance if you just want swing stats.) Some sections are still under construction, and the site is very slow, which is frustrating. But this is a relativly new site, and the kinks will probably be worked out in time.


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